Sunday, June 30, 2013

sore hand = frustration

On Thursday 20th June, I had a skin cancer burnt off my right hand. On Sunday the 23rd, I woke up to find my hand had blown up to twice its size, bit like a latex glove really, and a very nasty infection had set in, so off to the Doctor I went. Lots of antibiotics and daily dressings later, my hand has gone back to its natural size and I almost have full use of it.....except for washing dishes.....that's going to take a lot more time !!!!!
It's extremely frustrating when you lose the use of your predominant hand and have to have your meals cut up for you and can't do much of anything, including stitching !!!
However, if that's the worst thing that happens to me, I'm doing OK....... I've promised myself I'll have a needle & thread in my hand sooner rather than later !!

I'm not going to show you what's under the bandage because it's pretty yukky, but you get the picture....pardon the pun!!

And here's my hand today........definitely coming good...

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  1. sounds a nasty experience, glad it is now on the mend. It is not until we are without the use of part of us that we realise how much we are dependant on that part.